Question 1 – How are the Steam Wallet Codes obtained?

At www.freesteamwalletcodes.info we buy and give out Steam Wallet Codes for Free. We buy a large amount of codes for a low price, so we can afford to give them away for free. The reason we can provide so many codes is because most didn’t cost us anything.


Question 2 – Will these codes end up with me getting BANNED?

No, you will NOT get banned using these codes. These are legitimate codes, which have been bought from reliable supplier. Our codes are the same as the ones you buy from shops.


Question 3 – Do the codes work internationally?

Yes, the algorithm for the codes is international. They will work anywhere.


Question 4 – Do I have to complete a survey for these?

Yes, but it will take less than a minute and won’t require real information. Some only need an email to unlock, which takes seconds. We only do this so we can keep this site running. If we didn’t have surveys we wouldn’t be able to keep hosting this site. After unlocking the survey, your download will start, and after you downloaded the code it will be PERMANENTLY deleted from the system so no one else can download your UNIQUE code.


Question 5 – Is this a Steam Wallet Code generator?

In a way yes. The principle of our site is that of an online Steam Wallet code generator. However before you think this is a scam because generators don’t exist, then your wrong. Yes most generators are scams and want you to download a nasty virus, but here we don’t require you to download or submit payment information. We actually don’t claim to generate codes from thin air, we actually buy our codes in bulk and add them to our automated system, which when triggered generates a code that you have chosen.